Biomagnetism Level 2 on August 26-29, 2019 with Moises Goiz.

We are very happy and excited 
that registration is open for the first time in Ireland 
for Biomagnetism Level 2 on August 26-29, 2019 with 
Moises Goiz.

After the successful training last year with 57 new Certified Biomagnetism Therapists, we are really looking forward to this next Advanced Biomagnetism level training and enjoying  beautiful Ireland!

This is the only Official Biomagnetism Level 2 training in Ireland and the EU in English!!!  

You need to have taken Biomagnetism Level 1 with an Official Certified Instructor in order to apply for Biomagnetism Level 2. You can take both trainings back to back!

The Seminar will take place at the Hilton Dublin Kilmainham Hotel
 Each attendee is responsible for booking and payment of their accommodations. 

Certification is issued by the  “School of Medical Biomagnetism Isaac Goiz Duran” which is the first and only worldwide Institution that issues the necessary official certifications for the teachings and instruction of Medical Biomagnetism and which is in charge of regulating, certifying and disseminating the latest discoveries so everyone can obtain the benefits of Dr Isaac Goiz Duran's technique as he discovered and developed it. 

If interested in attending, please fill out the Application Form, thanks!
Once we receive your Form, we will send you payment information.

Biomagnetism Level 2-  Application Form

Note: There is a 75   discount if paying in cash, plus an additional  100   discount if taking both trainings together = Biomagnetism Level 1 on August 19-23, 2019 and Biomagnetism Level 2 on August 26-29 for a total of 2975  for both trainings if paid in cash.

The fee for this training is:
1475 €   
1400 €  if paid in cash 
Repeat Students: 700 € 

You can reserve your space by paying a minimum non - refundable deposit of 300 €, which will be applied towards your total fee and pay the rest 1100 € in cash at the training 

Seating is limited to 40 attendees.
Please be aware that your space is not reserved till we received the  payment. We recommend to reserve your space ASAP, as our Seminars always sell out.

Fee includes
 4 days of Theory and Practice, a pair of Magnets, a Manual, an interactive Excel presentation with a list of updated Biomagnetic Pairs and an interactive Biomagnetic Scanning Points presentation, a daily warm lunch buffet, 2 daily coffee breaks with snacks and ongoing free online support with Moises Goiz.

Bioenergetics Class Topics

1- Bioenergetics history
2- Bioenergetics Scanning Methodology
    Scanning Points
    Brain areas used for Bioenergetic scanning
    Scanning secuence
    Potential Spaces
    Bioenergeteics scanning
    Long distance scanning - Telebioenergetics
    Self Scanning
3- Bioenergetics Principles
4- Biomagnetic Pairs 2nd Level (BMP)
    Regular Pairs
    Special Pairs
    Glandular Dysfunctions
    Psycho-emotional Pairs
    Complex Pairs
5-  Tumor Phenomenon - Tumor Differential Diagnosis
6- Other material: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Lab studies,     
7- Bioenergetics practice time - Clinical cases review.


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